Yatayat - Traffic Management

Traffic management is as important as safe driving. With thousands of vehicles being added to the roads daily, it becomes chaotic with the existing road infrastructure in our country. This kind of management specially calls for in the cities where negotiating the traffic in the roads is nothing less than a labyrinth. Road traffic education in India is something not done rigorously with the road users, especially at pre-license times. HE India’s comprehensive training program on Traffic Management, gives a deep insight into the subject.

road traffic accidents in India
vehicle management

Courses Content and Methodology

This module focuses on effectively managing traffic and will cover the following:


  • Strike a balance between different modes of transport: pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, cars and public transport
  • Provide security, safety and optimum service for transport system users
  • Maintain the mobility that drives economic development
  • Reduce urban pollution caused by motor vehicles
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Traffic Signal Management

      • Choice of control policies

      • Synchronization between zones

      • Special functions (e.g. priority for emergency services)

      • Optimization, junction by junction, for the prevailing traffic conditions

      • Priority for public transport

    Traffic Data

      • Traffic flow,occupancy

      • Speed

      • Detection of vehicle type

      • Detection of gap between vehicles


    Maintenance Management

      • Transmission of SMS messages to

      • maintenance operatives

      • Maintenance monitoring

      • Equipment monitoring

    Congestion Management

      • Congestion detection

      • Analysis of cause

      • Automatic application of congestion relief procedures

    Central System Management

      • Event planning (road works, demonstrations, weather conditions)

      • Operational and maintenance statistics

      • Traffic supervision

      • Manual priority control


    Infrastructure Safety Audits

    • Vehicle Registration and Licensing

    • Testing and Licensing of Drivers

    • Road Traffic Information

    • Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences