About E-Learning

Keeping in mind the fast paced progress, and the even faster pace of life, where nobody wants to stand in a queue to wait for anything, and the simultaneous realization of the government that all systems need to be made transparent, the concept of e Learning program in road safety is fast catching up in India. The basic concept is to develop e-Learning as a source for top quality education. The process is quite simple – anyone who wants a learner’s license will need to study the relevant portions on their computer and then appear for a test at a designated RTO on an e–Testing System and the result of this test is generated through the computer. The same process is repeated for the permanent license. The e-Learning training program for drivers and executives are offered as a ready to use training module. The model is such that the modules are developed specifically to suit the needs of the organizations and the participants. They are also very user-friendly with audio-visual aid for the ease of the user.

Content & Methodology

These courses are available for different types of road users, starting from school children, pedestrians, two-wheeler riders, Light Motor Vehicles, Heavy Transport Vehicles, Heavy Passenger Vehicles, and hazardous chemical transporters. We also have courses for those appearing for their learner’s license, as well as renewal of their permanent license for different categories of vehicles. The questions are all multiple choice (MCQ), and the candidate is assessed on the spot.

Benefits & Advantages

  • A person can acquire the knowledge of Basic Road Safety & Defensive Driving at his own pace by not having to move from his location
  • Post Completion of the training, the participant can download the score card
  • License for each module comes with the validity of 1 Year
  • Each Modules come with the duration of 30 mins followed by the test. Total duration of complete module is approx. 3 hrs
  • There is no need to complete all the modules at one go. It can be completed anytime during course of One (1) year validity period