Coming Soon with Hazardous chemical training for three days as per government guidelines

Suraksha - For Dangerous or Hazardous Goods

Suraksha is a set of special defensive driving training courses for licensed drivers of Hazchem carriers, Content and language of courses and materials have been designed according to the special needs of all vehicle categories and target audiences, e.g. carriers of gases and liquids like Petrol. LPG, etc. cryogenic and non-cryogenic chemicals which require special care in transportation.
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This makes it all the more important for the drivers of these vehicles to undergo safety training as even a minute mistake at times can have disastrous results of great magnitude. The courses consciously incorporate a very high level of visual content like photographs, films, graphics and animation for maximum impact. They are conducted with a high degree of interaction and participation of trainees and tackle all levels of literacy and understanding in all major Indian languages. An essential part of all programmes is our highly acclaimed “Safe Driving” manual. Several modules of Suraksha are available from 1 day to 3 days, depending on how much time participants can spare, the legal requirement in each case and their interest in specific vehicle categories. Driving assessment, demonstration drives, and feedback/counselling are all optional parts of the Suraksha courses. The course is designed for drivers who already hold licenses for special transport like tankers, carriers of hazardous goods, trucks for material handling. Each module is custom designed to meet the needs of specific user groups and could even include company specifics. Many of India’s leading companies/ organizations like Shell, Essar, BPCL, Adani Gas, Total Oil, LNG, GUG GAS, and SIAM have conducted these programs regularly to train their personnel in road safety and have reported a significant improvement in their safety records.

training for dangerous or hazardous goods
dangerous or hazardous goods transport vehicle

Course Content and Methodology

Suraksha courses consist of class-room theory, demonstration, and practical sessions. The courses employ a participative system using computer-based projection of audio-visual material developed specially for India. On road driving assessment for each participant. The courses include pre and post course written tests/grading and, if desired, an On-the-road drive and a non-invasive medical examination to test suitability for driving are included in the program.
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The major topics covered are:

      • Road markings and traffic signs

      • Diverse road user behaviour

      • Rules of the road incl. traffic laws

      • Sharing the road, courtesy and etiquette

      • Appropriate speed and following distance

      • Driving under difficult and potentially dangerous conditions – weather, terrain, traffic, visibility

      • Defensive driving incl. hazard perception, intersection approach, overtaking, braking

      • Product Information – TREM card, properties & associated hazard

      • Product Safety – UN classification & haz-chem code

      • Loading/unloading practices & safety fittings

      • Vehicle dynamics

      • Transport of Haz-chem Products – guidelines, Do’s & Don’t’s

      • Fire fighting

      • Alcohol, stress and fatigue management

      • Preventive maintenance and safety devices

      • Accident related first aid

    All successful participants are awarded a proficiency certificate that is highly prized in the industry