Rahajani - Waylaying

Webster has defined waylaying as to lie in wait for or attack from ambush. The Indian road scenario is full of such incidents where the drivers, irrespective of the vehicles they drive, more often than not have to encounter such untoward situations of waylaying. The concern for road safety prompted our organisation to devise an awareness module where the driver can adopt preventive and precautionary measures against such an attempt. Instances such as the ones below are not uncommon.

Rahajani – Waylaying
road safety awareness programs

Courses Content and Methodology

Availability of proper infrastructure responsibilities of Administration:

    • Roads
– Surface – Turns (use of mirrors) – Visibility
  • Lighting
  • Manning with Police Patrol
  • Education Programmes in potential threat areas
  • Use of technology (cameras/video shots)
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Causes of Waylaying

    • Carrying high amount of valuable jewellery or cash.

    • Going for unplanned journey.

    • Stopping for strangers on highways and other roadsides.

    • Due to negligence in adopting cautionary measures while driving and during the journey.

    • The course gives a deeper insight into this crucial problem with relevant mitigation plans for the road users.