Transport Management Centre (TMC)

Transportation Management Centre (TMC), caters to the entire fleet operation of an organization or location where it is set up. It covers various aspects of driver management, vehicle management and maintenance, journey route management and brings together a holistic all-round solution to carry out an accident free operation.
Read moreThe key objective of Transportation Management Centre (TMC) is to improve the performance of the individual by inculcating right driver behaviour, tracking of violations during the journey and counselling the drivers on the similar lines and, ensure vehicles are compliant to CMVR standard, thereby improving the overall transportation eco-system of the organization by addressing all key pillars of road safety improving their skills so as to ensure compliance to the driving safely standards. Day to day activities are conducted by dedicated Road Safety Experts, deployed by HE India for the respective organization.

HE Shall deploy a full – time person at the location who shall conduct the following.

  • Conduct regular training for the drivers.

  • Conduct awareness programme for executives of the organisation.

  • Execute and monitor the working of the operation of the vehicle.

  • Checking Physical and mental fitness of the drivers on the regular basis.

  • Checking the physical fitness of the vehicles.

  • Checking the relevant documents specific to the drivers and vehicles.

  • Briefing to the drivers about the journey route to be undertaken by the drivers.

  • Explain the violation policies of the organisation while commuting.

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vehicle check training

Core Services under TMC

  • Training can be delivered module – wise.
  • Trainings can be delivered in smaller groups as per the availability of the drivers.
  • Refresher trainings shall be conducted on regular intervals.
  • Regular vehicle checks shall ensure better fuel economy as well as low maintenance cost.
  • Regular physical and mental fitness check of the drivers shall ensure safe & fitter drivers commuting for the organisation.
  • Constant hammering shall ensure the good safety and hygienic habits are practiced without fail.
  • Short awareness programme for the executive shall create a better overall ambience in the organisation.