Suraksha - For Operators

Today, more than ever, safety is an integral part of any operation. Liability, insurance costs, and downtime of equipment, moral responsibility – these are all reasons why Operator Safety Training Program for heavy and material handling equipment operators is so important. Incident reduction through effective implementation of safety techniques saves people, money and equipment. We have been involved in the creation of many safety programs from basic to complex.
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HE is competent with proven track records in creating programs from the scratch or to enhance an existing program to meet the needs of clients even offering specialized training to address specific cases in such operations. Safe operation and increased productivity are directly proportional. The notion that safety and productivity collide is an outdated, inaccurate myth. It’s a proven fact that increase in safe operation generate a corresponding increase in productivity. HE offers safety training programs for many types of Material Handling Equipment (MHE) operators including Forklift, Crane, Tipper, Dumpers, Hydra-cranes, Tractor, Transit Mixture and Heavy Earth Moving equipment. Suraksha – For Operators, is a set of special driving training programs in India, for operator’s involved in industrial, construction, mining, and heavy equipment operations. Content and language of courses and materials have been designed according to the special needs of all special vehicle categories and target audiences, e.g. forklift, crane, transits mixture, tanker, tipper etc. and other professional drivers, where on road & off-road maneuvering are critical. This course will appraise the driver of the risk associated with operating such equipment/vehicles on the site and how to improve driving skills & user confidence when encountering varied driving & operating conditions and enhance their skills while driving in difficult or challenging terrains. The courses consciously incorporate an extremely high level of visual content like photographs, films, graphics, and animation for maximum impact. They are conducted with a high degree of interaction and participation of trainees and tackle all levels of literacy and understanding in all major Indian languages.

forklift training program
Forklift Operator Training

Course Content and Methodology for Forklift Operators

  • Pre –and post operational checks
  • Know the fork lifter- vehicle dynamics, controls, load capacity, safe working load/prove load
  • Safe operations do’s & don’ts with load and without load (stability, load, speed, turning, reversing)
  • Use of attachments
  • Operating limitations
  • Use of fire extinguisher
  • PPE and operational hazards (moving in congested areas, visibility, guidance, steering)
  • OEM/operational issues /maintenance
  • Refueling/recharging
  • Effect of alcohol, stress management & first aid
  • Forklift accidents and their prevention
  • Post Test and practical assessment