Night Driving

Driving at night increases the risk of road accidents and fatalities many folds. An estimated 70% of casualties at night are pedestrians and two-wheeler riders. The lack of proper lighting system in Indian roads adds to the woes of drivers driving at night, who then become dependent on just the vehicle lighting system for visibility. A lot of drivers do not understand the difference in skills when it requires to drive during night and are oblivious to the dangers that lurk on the roads. HE India, with its years of experience have devised a tailor-made solution to this issue in the form of its Suraksha-Night Driving Road Safety Training.

Driving at night
safe night driving

Courses Content and Methodology

The major topics covered are: Challenges of Night Driving
  • Darkness
  • Comprised vision
  • Alcohol and tobacco
  • Two wheeler riders
  • Pedestrians
  • Cattles/animals
  • Wrong side driving(frequency of policing is less at night)
  • Fatigue
  • Wrong selection of speed
  • Age factor
  • Weather conditions during night
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Vehicle check

      • Lighting system

      • Adjustments of mirrors

      • Visibility of registration plate

      • Clear windshields and window glasses

      • Vehicle fitness

    Driver readiness

  • Enough sleep

  • Better eye vision

  • Should not be under medication