Safe Driving Manuals - For all Types of Road Users

The safe driving manuals for all type of Road Users

Over the years, it has remained an accepted fact that to get a driving license one just simply needs to go through a broker, without attending any formal defensive driver training course in India, be it theoretical or practical. This has led to vast number of untrained drivers who are ignorant of even the basic knowledge of road rules and of their vehicles.
Read moreWe have high technology cars, a vast and fast expanding network of expressways and highways and very large pool of untrained drivers. This is a fatal combination and has resulted in India leading the world in fatal accidents. The manuals are available for all vehicle categories and is a guide to drive safe.

To address this problem, we have brought out a Basic Manual which is must read for any type of driver.

safe driving manuals
defensive driving Manuals

Manual Books Available For Following Categories

  • Two-Wheeler
  • LMV
  • HTV
  • HPV

The above-mentioned books are available in following languages.

  • English

  • Hindi

  • Tamil

  • Telugu

  • Kannada

  • Bengali