Hubert Ebner Foundation

Hubert Ebner Foundation commenced in the year 2015 having its Registered Office at Capital of India with the main aim of establishing and undertake environment protection dedicated to  advancing energy efficiency as a means of promoting both economic prosperity and environmental protection works through science, law and creative media, to secure a future for all species, great or small, hovering on the brink of extinction, promotes policies to protect health, the environment and sustainable living, working to protect our nation’s water resources, seeks to reverse degradation of the environment by promoting biodiversity and sustainability while minimizing pollution, conservation in endangered ecosystems worldwide, provides information about energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable technology information and connections, protect wild animals and plants in their natural communities, organizational support in developing projects to protect the global environment.

Objective of Hubert Ebner Foundation

To strives to protect people and natural resources by enforcing and strengthening. Environmental laws, sponsors scientific field research to improve understanding of the planet and its inhabitants provide multidisciplinary research and development of innovative. Energy and environmental technologies for the protection of air, water and soil, combines. Science, economics and law to find economically sustainable solutions to environmental problems, offers links to environmental resources on the web, provides the public with locally relevant information on the environment. Creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems and force solutions. Works to protect and restore the world’s oceans through advocacy, science, law and public education, helps governments and private organizations cope with environmental, resource and development challenges of global significance, addresses environmental issues through scientific research and education.

Hubert Ebner Foundation Vision

Hubert Ebner Foundation more focused on all the above aspect through Road Safety approach and Environment, the process is to evaluate and prioritize driving-related risks and hazards, current information on road safety topics, templates and forms, examples of road safety plan policies, ideas for toolbox talks, quizzes, video links and other resources, to assist in framing transparent, centralized and efficient driver’s licensing system, mandatory safe driving training for all, methodology for protection of children’s during commute, statutes for safety of cyclists, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users, to support the authority (ies) to improve the efficiency and safety of the country’s road subsector and mitigate its environmental impact, education and awareness in new generation of young people.
Read MoreHE Foundation believes that through awareness, education and by providing solutions, especially among the youth, people can be inspired and motivated to take action and make change possible. Their programs and projects are aimed at building capacities and empowering people starting from the grass root level, to students, youth, rural communities, urban citizens and policy makers and thus road safety too has been incorporated as a major initiative within the purview of their education and awareness generation campaigns.

About the NGO

The HE Foundation, is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing deaths and injuries on our nation’s roads by promoting safe driving awareness and lifelong education by Road Safety programs  to school children’s & collages students of different category, awareness program for teachers, school cadets, marshals, Govt organisations, vehicle unions, families at social gatherings on basic road safety approach on distracted driving, drowsy driving, speed, walking to school, behaviours inside the school buses, parents responsibilities while commuting kids to school in their TW/LMV,  impairment, journey risk management, traffic studies on risk management and a host of other safe driving issues.
Read More HE Foundation also sponsors contests to engage teens while promoting safe driving to their peers and their communities.

Life-Line Message of Hubert Ebner Foundation

The HE Foundation is dedicated to “saving lives and reducing injuries” on the roads.