Digital solution for road safety education

E-learning supports people to learn independently anytime and anywhere. The basic concept is very simple - anyone who wants a learners license will need to study the portions on their computer and then appear for a test at a designated RTO on an e-testing system and the result of this test is generated through the computer.

The same process is repeated for the permanent license. The model is such that we develop modules that are client and user specific and also user friendly and are all audio - visual.

We provide courses for different types of road users, such as:

  • school children,
  • pedestrians,
  • two wheeler riders,
  • light motor vehicles,
  • heavy transport vehicles,
  • heavy passenger vehicles and
  • hazardous chemical transporters

We also have courses for those appearing for their learners licence and their permanent licence for all categories of vehicles. Our e-learning content is not limited only to abovementioned points, general questions on particular skills like night driving, driving in fog, driving on snow and other difficult conditions are also available.

The questions are all multi choice and objective. The candidate is assessed on the spot, his weak areas pin pointed and the corrective action as well as instructions issued.

Other courses that we have are those that help drivers recognize their cognizant abilities and power of observation. Here again weak areas are pin-pointed and corrective actions suggested. The covered areas are physical co-ordination, cognitive skills, discerning skills and observational skills.

E-learning is extremely interesting to use – it makes the learn process fun, accessible and effective. If you are interested in our e-learning, please contact us.

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